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2003-2009 art meme by kidchan 2003-2009 art meme by kidchan
uwaaa I totally missed new year, didn't I?
Hope you guys had a great one!
And may you guys have a wonderful 2010 too :)

Thank you very much to :iconkamaniki: for making this art meme!

I will use this as a reminder to myself, since I didn't improve at all ever since I started drawing.
The subjects are still the same and my understanding of basics are still weak!
Everytime I hold a pencil and draw, it still feel the same like back then.
This is so embarrassing orz.
Must. work. harderrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Lets party guys and put our guns on for the year 2010 and beyonnnndddddddd
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MegaAnimeFreak7 Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I don't do my college homework either! LOL I'm too busy drawing (which pisses some of my professors off. They always tell me to stop drawing that anime crap or as one teacher phrased it "crapime"). :/
fuzzitoh Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2013
a 2013 oneee!! updated pls!!!
bunnychii Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
man you are so pro ;;
PopiPurrin Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2013
Very nice :D
but where is the deviation for the very last drawing?
IsaacJLitman Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
You've been very good for a long time! :)
Keegane Featured By Owner May 19, 2012
It's very interesting to see your evolution !! Thank you for sharing !! ;)
ro-rodrigues Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2012  Professional Traditional Artist
"Every journey begins with one step" (Popular saying in Brazil). Congratulations!!!!
lovelife360 Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2011
omg these are aaaaalllllllllllllll GORGEOUS don't know what you are talking about then again im not very good so im probably not the best critic. although i do see imporvement in colours from the first one and last one:P
Lionely Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow, that's one heck of a progress... Not only in skill, but in originality too.
OtakuKikya Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
2004/2005 HUGE difference.
I'km also studyin at an art schooll but.. WOHA yuor drawings are totally AESOME!
Keep doing this awesome work!
X3MN4Z Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2011  Student General Artist
how you create textures?
christasyd Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2011  Student Digital Artist
let me guess. the art college you speak of is the one academy, am i correct? (just guessing, thought i saw one of your drawings in a brochure of toa)
tshuki Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2011  Student General Artist
You should definitely update it with year 2010 and then 2011, it's really interesting and fun to look at the progress trough years.

And I'm certainly amazed you had such a low self-esteem that year, but who knows maybe that was/is the thing that made you become as wonderful and amazing as you are today. Best wishes, You have always been a very inspiring and interesting artist! *u*
onlymistress Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
noses... those damn noses!
ImYourGimmick Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm not sure if this question has been asked already...But what college did you attend?
hantinexd Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
i wish i have HALF of ur talent :O….
mjcarbajal Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2011
OMG! I want to slap you! How can you be so hard with you! you work is amazing you should have pride of yourself. but in some way i understand, you just don't want to be stuck where are you are. I love that you used to draw a lot of fanart from Get Backers, i was the same. Anyway just keep working hard and you 'll always improve even in some different ways than you don't expect.

(Sorry for my bad english, but i think you get the idea :P)
Ibelen Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2011
This was truly an inspirational progress meme to see :3
nEt4ward Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2011  Student General Artist
hey I also draw instead of doin home work haha(still a high school student)
Nicolelover Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
you are only twenty four??? OMG My favorite artist is only four years older!! i hope to get as good as you are some day!
Incross Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2011   Digital Artist
This meme really inspired me ;-;
I'm being depressed lately and even think of quitting my art college. But somehow after seeing this, I felt very much encouraged.
I think I have the spirit to stand up and walk again now. :') Thanks a lot, kidchan. I wish the best for all of us.
Paizy Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2010  Student General Artist
i hope that i will be able to improve as much as you have in my artwork, you're truely a great talented artist :D
no-neko Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2010  Student General Artist
looking at this makes me want to improve my PS skillz....*runs and gets her tablet*
kuangfeng49724 Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2010
i'm so looking forward to seeing your future works! your art is amazing.
bruised--vein Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2010
I don't care what you say :la: :la: :la: You're amazing!
LittleBlueOwls Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2010  Student Digital Artist
You art was amazing before, it's gorgeous now
kuchu140 Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2010  Student General Artist
you are awesome... full stop.

keep growing ^____^
masayalover78 Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2010
you've improved alot since 2003, well done...I wish I could draw like you
dethwish1350 Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
i say u're naturally AWESOME with all tha CAPS.. :D
Oishiiyumyum Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2010
What was your college major??
marc21us Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2010
Could you please unstorage the last deviation from this meme? The one with face-cookies! I'm guessing it's in storage because I didn't saw it in your gallery.
TheFriizing Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hardcore all the way~
Ichigatsu27 Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
omg.... you're so talented!!!!
CloudTenzo Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2010  Hobbyist
i hope that i can be like u~~~
Shi-Yin Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2010  Student General Artist
I feel your pain. I'm still learning and I have these problems too xD But the good thing is that your art changes throughout time. You'll get better as the time passes by.
kumuri-kawaii Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2010  Student Traditional Artist
oh yeah, and how do make your lines so straight and clean?!?! I'm a failure at that... TTnTT
kumuri-kawaii Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2010  Student Traditional Artist
i wish i was that good at digital drawing...i tried to get that kind of pastey (i dunno a better way to explain it...) kind of ink on my table and i can't find it....what program do you use and what tool?
PowerthruControl Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2010
I read your comments. Stop being so hard on yourself! Your stuff is beyond the ability of 99% of artists...
paveffer Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Your art is beautiful! :la: Just seeing your work evolve as you do is great! I love how your peices got brighter and brighter colors as you matured as an artist! xD

P.s. : At the end of 2009, is that Italy from APH? :O He appears to be eating the head of a Germany cookie. xD
Scarlette333 Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
i like the one at the end of 2007... tis adorable... :meow:
lolinix13 Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2010
your anatomy isn't bad!! mine is a lot more awful!!
illarisafari Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2010
<3 Beautiful.
Nekonari Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2010
you are a machine girl!
tigerheart12 Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2010
2006-2007 are really really great
Morgan-In-Wonderland Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2010  Student General Artist
You may say you dont think you improved at all, but seeing this makes me think otherwise. The first word that comes to mind when I'm comparing your 2009 work to your 2003 work is 'confident.' It may be the same subject matter, but your work seems bolder, brighter, and more sophisticated. If nothing else, it gives this 17 year old hope that her work will improve with time.
scenicbeauty Featured By Owner May 22, 2010
wow you're amazing!
Beata-Blackwing Featured By Owner May 20, 2010
Ahh your art is so good *__*
but so much of it is in storage..*sniffle* If you don't mind me asking...will you eventually take it out of storage..or is there a important reason that I, who have only just found your page, do not know about?
Nobody-said-so Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2010
You already started out as a great artist, and now...

Wow. Just - wow!
papermasa Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2010
you're so inspiring! even back than you had talent~ you've improved so much each year~ + u +!!

i wanna work harder now :heart:
CuzzaCurry Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2010  Student Digital Artist
Wow okay if you drew like that when you were 17 I really have a chance to be cool :'D
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